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Moonflower Enterprises is a socially responsible, for-profit enterprise whose mission is to promote Mayan products including traditional weavings, handmade crafts, folk art and organic coffee. We purchase beautiful, high quality, fair trade products directly from artisans who live and work predominantly in the western highlands of Guatemala. As members of the Fair Trade Federation, we ensure that the artisans with whom we work are paid a fair wage within a local context. Moonflower Enterprises’ core business values are based on honesty, respect, fairness and equality, which enhances our long term relationships with Mayan artisans. Moonflower Enterprises works directly with dozens of artisan families representing several Mayan ethnic groups in Guatemala. These families are deeply committed to maintaining their cultural traditions which include the millennia weaving arts. These artisans produce a wide variety of practical “art” including: accessories, jewelry, musical instruments, fine art, weavings and textiles, folk art, educational and cultural, T shirts, clothing and apparel, gifts and home furnishings.
Moonflower Enterprises strives to promote a greater understanding of the cultural, artistic, political and social intricacies of the Mayan people of Guatemala. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to link with the Maya culture through their beautiful weavings, colorful art and exquisite coffee. Our vision is to improve the lives of Mayan artisans and their families by strengthening their family economies by marketing their traditional arts, crafts and coffee.

Thank you for visiting the Moonflower Enterprises web site. Please visit us regularly for news and information from Guatemala- The Land of the Shaking Earth! Please check out our other websites www.mayacolor.com and www.mayaearthcoffee.com

Pablo Collado, Ixim CD - P0PCIX0

Pablo Collado, Ixim
$20.00 ea.

Pablo Collado, Concierto de Paz CD - P0PCCP0

Pablo Collado, Concierto de Paz
$20.00 ea.

Pablo Collado, Naturaleza Despierta CD - P0PCND0

Pablo Collado, Naturaleza Despierta
$20.00 ea.